FOR the Andrews family in Old Marston the rise in personal income tax allowance is little consolation after they lost their tax credits.

The Oxford Road family said they would gain about £3 a week under the new allowance, but have lost tax credits worth £13 a week.

Mum Abigail, 28, said: “We are still worse off. They are giving a bit back from what they have already pinched.”

Dad Ben, 27, works at Kennington Flooring earning £370 a week after tax, while Mrs Andrews earns £500 a month as a part-time teaching assistant at Larkrise Primary School in East Oxford.

They have two children – Samuel, three, and Elias, 11 months. But the family was this month told it would no longer get tax credits because of a change in criteria which capped those who earn more than £26,000.

Mrs Andrews said she was disappointed to see more cash being spent on the video game and film industries in the budget when families were struggling.

She also said the rich should be taxed more, adding: “I am not very impressed. They are also taking money off people but not giving it to the people that don’t earn very much.”

The continuing rise in fuel will also hit the household.

Mrs Andrews said: “Fuels costs are an extortionate amount already.”