AN OXFORD man is trying again in his controversial bid to turn a patch of land in Littlemore into a dump.

Martin Young, pictured below, was told by a planning inspector in January that his plan to turn the plot in Long Wall into a tip could not go ahead. But he has re-submitted the plan for a third time to Oxfordshire County Council .

He argues that he is entitled to use the land under planning laws because it has been a tip for more than 10 years.

But the county council and inspector said the land was never used as a tip and is instead classed as undeveloped land.

Mr Young said he was determined to win the application fight as he believes this will make it easier to get permission for a chalet on the site.

A plan for a chalet was turned down by Oxford City Council in 2010 and there is now 40 tonnes of rubbish at the site.

The Headington Hill resident, 67, said: “The council said it is not developed land and said it was a piece of countryside but I think it is a dump. I don’t want a dump at all and I want to do something with it. There must be a better use for it than being a dump.”

He said: “If it is developed land then the city council will have to look at it in terms of it being developed land.”

Gill Sanders, a city council member for Littlemore, said: “I think it is safe to say that the residents are not very keen on having a dump there. But what annoys me more than anything else is the cost to the county council and the officers’ time this will take up.”

Mr Young is also appealing the city council’s decision to refuse permission to knock down 29 Old High Street for five houses.

He is also standing for election to become the Thames Valley’s first police commissioner and has recently had his appeal to return his gun licence turned down in Oxford Crown Court. His licence was taken off him after he threatened a council officer in 2008.