Residents have compared a road leading into their village which was dug up by Thames Water to one in the Third World.

The water company implemented a rolling road closure of North Hinksey Lane so it could carry out a major flood alleviation scheme.

But residents say the road has been left riddled with potholes.

North Hinksey Lane resident Chris Sugden said: “It is worse than roads I have been on in many African countries. Everyone agreed the work had to be done but they have not programmed the resurfacing in quickly.

“It is a quagmire because the rain is washing the soil into the road and there are large potholes.

“It does our suspension no good.

“Thames Water was unfortunate the weather turned against them but it is an example of bad planning.”

Eric Batts, district councillor for North Hinksey and Wytham, said: “I have spoken to the contractors about this and the heavy rain has delayed the completion of the work.”

From February the 100 residents of North Hinksey were not able to access their village between 8am and 5pm every day while the £7m scheme was carried out.

The work started at Oxford Rugby Club and has been moving towards West Way in Botley.

At the moment Thames Water are working on the North Hinksey Lane service road and work is expected to last for another couple of weeks.

Thames Water spokesman Amy Weiser said: “The work is being done to prevent the risk of flooding to residents in the area.

“We are trying to work in a way which minimises disruption to the local residents and as we move along the road we want to open it up as quickly as possible but this has meant putting in a temporary road surface as we move along.

“This is not the final road surface. We will work there until mid-May and will be putting in a Tarmac surface.

“We want to apologise for the short-term disruption but hope people understand it is for a long- term benefit.”