YOU would have thought that after spending four years cycling round the world, Matthew Blake would be putting his feet up.

But the 25-year-old, left, has done nothing of the sort in his quest to raise awareness about the plight of Zambian children.

Since he got home on April 7, Mr Blake, from Chacombe, near Banbury, has been visiting schools to speak about his two-wheeled charity odyssey.

He said: “A lot of people have heard about the countries I visited but didn’t know much about them. It is educational but also entertaining and a sharing experience.”

The former pupil of Chenderit School, in Middleton Cheney, visited 61 nations during his 45,000 mile trip.

Mr Blake – who wants to train to be a primary school teacher – worked for a year to save the £14,000 for the trip, which began in April 2008.

He raised £11,000 for charity SOS Children to provide a new home for orphaned and abandoned children in Zambia.

He has visited his old school as well as Chacombe and Hanwell Fields primary schools to talk about his experiences.

Mr Blake said: “It makes people realise what you can do – especially on a bicycle.”

He will also be giving a talk at Banbury Town Hall on Wednesday, May 23, at 7.30pm to help raise money for the charity which he has pledged to continue fundraising for.

For tickets call Mr Blake on 07582 793268.