NATURE is not always pretty – as former Oxford Mail photographer George Reszeter discovered during a recent walk.

The wildlife photographer from Abingdon spotted these pheasants fighting for territory in East Hanney.

He said: “Every spring you get the male pheasants picking their territory, but you often get more than one in each place.

“So they will fight for the land and for the female birds. It can get very vicious, they look like they are trying to gouge each others’ eyes out.”

Mr Reszeter also snapped a squirrel in his back garden in Dry Sandford, stealing biscuits from a tea party laid out for his granddaughter Layla.

He said: “We’d laid out a little party for her and left the garden for a few minutes, when this little guy seized the moment and decided to take a bite.

“Needless to say, we had to throw all the biscuits away. But it made a very cheeky picture.”