A CRICKET team famous for playing in extreme weather conditions were thwarted by the Oxfordshire rain.

The Captain Scott Invitation XI have played around the world and their exploits have been chronicled in Penguins Stopped Play, Rain Men and Zimmer Men.

In January they played a match in the Norwegian snow against the Oslo Aliens to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott reaching the South Pole.

The Brits won and the Norwegians visited Oxford’s Christ Church sports ground in Iffley Road on Sunday for a rematch.

The Aliens were five for two off two overs and chasing a lead of 206 when the heavens suddenly opened and play stopped. The game was called a draw.

Captain Scott Invitation XI member Paul Daniels, from London, said: “I think diplomacy prevails. You have to put up with the heavens opening when you are a cricket fan.”

The match raised £1,000 for Cricket Without Borders, a charity encouraging young African children to play cricket.