HISTORIAN Nick Allen says he is thrilled to be the first to document the history of his church in print – despite being an atheist.

The writer has documented the history of Adderbury Church in An English Parish Church: Its Story.

He said: “It is a wonderful illustration of the different phrases of gothic architecture. It is a magnificent church.”

The village resident was overwhelmed by a wealth of source material, including the parish magazine which ran from 1875 to 1952.

Church owner New College opened up its archives for Mr Allen to pore over. The church dates back to 1250.

Mr Allen has paid for 300 copies to be produced and it has raised more than £1,000 for the church.

It is available from Taste Buds in High Street and Books & Ink Bookshop in White Lion Walk, Banbury.

Picture: OX48940 George Reszeter