A GROUP of artists are set to take over galleries, parks and churches across Oxford for a colourful festival.

Twenty-one artists on Oxford Brookes University’s MA in interdisciplinary arts course are putting on events across the city for their final year project.

The interdisciplinary arts festival, in with between, features everything from painting to poetry and performance to installations, and has been organised by the students themselves.

It launches with previews from eight of the artists involved at the Old Boot Factory, St Mary’s Road, East Oxford, at 7pm on Wednesday, September 28, and will run until Sunday, October 2.

Among those showcasing is contemporary artist Chandni Challa, 24, who lives in Cheney Student Village. She is putting the final touches to an artwork using canvas, acrylics, spray paint and pen. Chandni said: “It’s going to be expressions of how people feel and show love.

“I don't like limiting myself. With my previous work I used a shower curtain as a base.”

Her work will be exhibited at the Meller Merceux Gallery in High Street, from Thursday, September 29, until Sunday, October 2.

One student, Alex Allmont, has made a machine out of lego which plaits string on show at the Museum of the History of Science, Broad Street.

Another, Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, will be sharing a series of political stories in a tiny cinema at Art Jericho.

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