FACEBOOK has backed down from its decision to ban an Oxfordshire breast cancer survivor showing her scar on her page.

The Oxford Mail reported on Tuesday how the social networking website removed a photographic portrait of Anna Antell, 43, taken for a fundraising art exhibition, branding it “offensive” because it contained nudity.

The decision prompted an outcry from fellow cancer sufferers, who said the photograph had captured the beauty and bravery of women battling the disease.

Now Facebook has told the Oxford Mail that it has contacted Ms Antell, from Spareacre Lane, Eynsham, saying they will let her upload the photograph.

Spokesman Sophy Silver said: “We always strive to get the balance of our policies right, to enable people to share their experiences while still being mindful of how to protect other people, some as young as 13, that are on Facebook.

“We do not allow nude images on the site, but recognise that we need to enforce this policy sensitively and support Anna’s right to share her experience of her friends including photographs of her scar.

“Having contacted her by email this morning, we hope that Anna will accept our suggestion to share images of her scar that do not show any further nudity.”

Ms Antell said: “I’m surprised and very glad, because I thought they would stand firm.

“I think when they saw other content that had not been taken down, they realised they had to be a bit more considerate of this situation, and that it was not gratuitous.

“I still feel Facebook needs to stop and listen to their users more, but I am very happy they have reversed their position.”