A MAN who fractured a teenager’s jaw with a single punch while ‘drunk off his face’ has been spared jail.

James John Tebbutt, 31, of Hardings Strings, Didcot, admitted one count of grievous bodily harm after the late night assault in Park End Street, Oxford.

Tebbutt had been drinking in the Attic nightclub on December 2 when he became angered, apparently for no reason.

After leaving the club at about 3.30am he confronted Luke Edwards, 18, who had been introduced to Tebbutt by mutual friends.

Mr Edwards tried to avoid an argument by walking away and shouting ‘mate, just leave me alone’ but he was followed to Park End Street and punched in the jaw by Tebbutt.

In a statement read out to the court, Mr Edwards said he had been unable to work in his job as a lifeguard for a month, leading to a loss of earnings of about £200.

He added that he had been unable to chew for around three weeks after the incident and had experienced significant pain around the face and jaw.

Tebbutt had expressed almost instant remorse for the attack.

He told police officers he was ‘absolutely drunk off his face’ at the time and didn’t remember throwing the punch.

Judge Simon Wilkinson sentenced Tebbutt to eight months in prison, suspended for two years.

He must also pay £230 compensation to the victim and a surcharge and attend alcohol treatment for nine months and rehabilitation for 30 days.

Tebbutt, who is currently unemployed and receiving benefits, was told by the judge that he is now ‘drinking in the last chance saloon.’

Judge Wilkinson added: “This offence is serious by its very nature.

“That punch caused a fracture of the jaw which gave the victim pain and discomfort for a considerable period.

“The fact that you were drunk is a aggravating factor but I take into the account the immediate expression of regret.”