A FUNDRAISER is taking on six marathons in sixth months to help continue the legacy of a Bicester mum who passed away from cancer.

Mum-of-one Bethan Reading passed away from breast cancer in 2013 after a three-year battle with the disease.

Friends and family rallied round after her death to form Beth's Pink Ladies and vowed to raise funds and awareness in her honour.

Five years on, the group are still going strong and the latest challenge will see supporter Amber Wilkes, from Buckingham, take on multiple marathons.

The 42-year-old runner said: "It started on a bit of a whim. I entered Brighton Marathon on behalf of the lovely Pink Ladies for Breast Cancer Now because I'd never run one and it seemed like a fun thing to do.

"From there, off the back of having a lovely Sunday mid-afternoon run, I thought 'I love running; what I could do is one a month for six months – that'd be quite challenging'.

"My lovely little Sunday mid-afternoon run was only about 10 miles so how I made the leap to six marathons I'll never know but I did, and now I am."

The long-standing fundraiser is almost halfway through her challenge having taken on Brighton Marathon and Enduroman Avon Tyrell Marathon. Next she will tackle Dorney Lake Marathon on June 14.

She added: "For me, wanting to do this challenge was about recognizing the hard work that Beth’s Pink Ladies do and that fundraising and research is relentless and without everybody doing their bit, it will all stop.

"It's very easy to get swept along in the initial stages of a new venture and people are always keen to be involved but very often people’s enthusiasm and commitment can wain.

"However Beth’s Pink Ladies have done so much more than that and, five years on, are still remembering and honouring Bethan and striving every day to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now so that one day nobody else has to go through what Beth did."

Dr Reading was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2010 and discovered early on she had the BRCA1 gene. She passed away age 34 in 2013.

Beth's Pink Ladies formed soon after and members include Anna Reading, Char Wilson, Jude Barber, Liz Wilson, Lyndsey Jones Donaldson, Sally Moran and Vicky Ralph.

It said: "Beth knew her fight was going to be tough however she took it in her stride and remained positive and productive throughout her illness."

Adding: "A small group of us came together and joined forces with Breast Cancer Now to honour Bethan and to keep her memory and legacy alive."

Ms Wilkes has been with supporting the group from the off and after tackling fundraisers including a 24hour horse ride 'is obviously a sucker for a good challenge'.

To follow her journey see amberw47.wixsite.com/ultimateboobjog and to donate see justgiving.com/fundraising/ultimateboobjog