Pedal-power was the order of the evening at this year's Druid Games, held in Oxfordshire.

Steady streams of people pedalled bikes to keep the generator working which supplied the lights and the amps for the live bands on stage.

The Lammas Games, now in their fourth year, were held at Braziers Park, at Ipsden, near Wallingford, on Saturday night.

The event marked the first harvest and was designed to "harness the energy of the earth".

Organised by the Druid Network, it included games like wife carrying, cheese rolling, spear and hammer throwing, a hobby horse, ferret racing and a five-a-side football tournament.

The event raised funds for charities, including the Helen and Douglas House hospice in Oxford and the Barn Owl Trust.

Organiser Cathy Davis said: "It was all very laid back."