PEOPLE can have their say on safety on the A34 after a number of proposed improvements were announced last month.

The A34 Action Group has created a survey to give road users the chance to respond to the Highways England A34 safety review released in October.

The review’s findings include a plan to extend the 50mph speed limit already in place at Botley, west of Oxford, all the way north to junction 9 of the M40 at Weston-on-the-Green.

It also proposed cameras, which record motorists’ average speed, in an effort to prevent sudden braking.

A consultation has been launched by Highways England and the community-led A34 Action Group has created a survey to collate a large response.

Motorists have been urged to fill in the survey and its results will be presented to the Transport Minister Chris Grayling.

MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Layla Moran said she welcomed the report, especially the introduction of cameras and the enforcement of the speed limit, while Witney MP Robert Courts described it as ‘very encouraging and very detailed’ and a good start on work to improve the road.

The survey’s initial findings revealed people were pleased the road was being investigated by Highways England and only 27 per cent said the proposals did not address their safety concerns on the road.

It also fund 62 per cent of people wanted immediate action or the problems would worsen over time and 60 per cent wanted a mixture of short term and long term measures in the future.

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