A CHARITY which looks after the homeless in Oxford took an innovative campaign to the city centre yesterday.

Oxford Homeless Pathways hopes October will be designated a special month for fundraisers in years to come as it takes part in its TOAST campaign.

The campaign highlights that homeless people will not even be able to make themselves the breakfast staple as a result of their plight.

Visitors were able to grab themselves tea and toast at the charity’s stall in Bonn Square. People stopping for a chat were encouraged to get a photo with #PhoToast photo frames.

Head of fundraising Jo Faulkner-Harvey said: “People are seeing the number of homeless people they see go up. I went out today and someone said: ‘They should pull themselves together.’ People on the streets are at the most vulnerable time of their lives. They probably haven’t got the family support that we take for granted that helps us get back on our feet.”