FIDGET spinner and airplane mode are two of the modern day terms added to the Oxford English Dictionary today.

Oxford University Press included more than 200 new words to the volume to reflect the changing nature of our language.

Among them were Gen Z, face swap, puggle, and sweetheart deals.

OUP said the new words are reflective of the 'significant changes in the political landscape' of the past year. These include ‘faithless elector’, a politician who votes against what they had pledged and ‘sanctuary city’ which refers to a place where the local law tends to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation Fidget spinners are a popular toy craze among youngsters from Gen Z - a term used to describe those born after Millennials.

‘Face swap’, ‘surge pricing’, ‘screen grab’ and ‘flight mode’ were also added, all of which derive from the growth of mobile technology.

‘Woo-woo’ a derogatory way to refers to someone who has beliefs that lack scientific foundation, such as mythical beings, was also added.

The recent trend towards health and fitness is reflected in the dictionary too. Self-care and cheat days were both added, the latter refers to a day on which a person following a diet disregards restrictions on what they eat.