A NEW entrepreneurial hub at the former Wahoo nightclub building will open in time for students to move in next month.

The Foundry – as it will be known – has been converted over the summer into Oxford University’s entrepreneurial centre.

Previously enjoyed by thousands of students and locals under the guise of Wahoo and Glee– the building in Hythe Bridge Street will be used by an estimated 23,000 students across a range of subjects.

Run by Said Business School, it will also support schools and charities to promote social mobility and give more youngsters the chance to get into university.

The building has been transformed into a teaching space from a comedy club and bar area and is expected to be finished at the end of this month.

Last July, a multi-million-pound deal was struck between Nuffield College and Christ Church College to transform the area near Frideswide Square.

It included the buildings between Hythe Bridge Street and Park End Street, stretching from the Royal Oxford Hotel to Castle Mill Stream and those opposite the Said Business School.

The Glee Club has since moved to The Bullingdon in Cowley Road but Wahoo, despite management’s hopes it would find another venue, is yet to resurface in the city.