CIVIC Society members in Oxford will meet today to consider the latest plans for a major revamp at one of Oxford's best-known pubs.

St John’s College wants to upgrade The Eagle and Child in St Giles' to create separate eating and drinking zones and convert the two upper floors into seven hotel rooms.

A planning application for the historic hostelry, a favourite of the Inklings writers' group which included Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien and Narnia creator CS Lewis, has been resubmitted after concerns were raised by city council planners.

Now Oxford Civic Society has pledged to look carefully at the revisions to the proposed expansion and makeover.

Peter Thompson, a member of the society and a former chairman, said the proposals would be carefully scrutinised by eight members of the society's planning group before making their views known to the planning department.

He said: "We will consider very carefully the amendments proposed for the plans at The Eagle and Child.

"It's a historic venue and is very much on the tourist trail because of its literary associations.

"The physical layout inside the pub was a key feature of what made the pub attractive to these literary figures in the first place and it would be sad to lose that.

"The Eagle and Child can be a viable and vibrant pub while at the same time acknowledging its literary history.

"We would also like to make the point that St Giles could, potentially, be one of the most beautiful piazzas in Europe, if if could be reconfigured so that unnecessary lanes were not given to through traffic."

The pub, run by Nicholson's, is sometimes known as The Bird and Baby and the Inklings met in college rooms and at Oxford pubs between the 1930s and the early 1960s.

A public house since 1650, The Eagle and Child takes its name from the crest of the Earls of Derby.

Plans lodged earlier this year were withdrawn last month after planners said part of the scheme would ‘harm’ the Grade II listed building’s heritage.

In resubmitting the plans, BGS Architects said it had scaled back the scope of demolition and completely redesigned the bedroom layouts to minimise disruption.

As part of the proposals Green's Cafe would be turned into a hotel reception.

Historic Burgage plots, parcels of land marked out in medieval times, behind the pub would have been blocked from view by a proposed new roof but that has also been changed after discussions with council planners.

An archaeological assessment will also now be carried out.

Civic society members will meet today at St Aldate's Chambers and the city council could make a decision on the plans next month.