THEY'RE tiny, brightly-coloured and hurt like heck when you step on them, but Lego bricks may just prove to be this museum's most popular attraction ever.

This Saturday, an estimated 700 people from across Oxfordshire poured into Wantage's little Vale and Downland Museum for its second annual Lego Expo.

That is more than double the number who would normally visit on a Saturday, and the exhibition runs for two weeks.

The show takes the form of plastic brick creations distributed around the museum's usual permanent and temporary exhibitions.

There is also a creative area where kids (and big kids) can get involved and create their own works of art to go on display.

The show has been organised for a second year by WantageLEGO group, Wantage Pixel Club and sci-fi shop Toy Planet Collectors.

Museum curator Suzie Tilbury said: "It's been so popular – way beyond what we expected.

"We've had people through out doors who otherwise wouldn't come in and it's raising the flag for the museum in general.

"As a show, it fits our family-friendly remit because we are always trying to engage new audiences."

The exhibition is free and runs until August 5. For full listings at this year’s Wantage Summer Festival go to