A NEW study published today reveals one in seven of us do not drink any water at all, but over half of us have an alcoholic drink everyday – although Oxford fares better than most.

While 14 per cent of us shockingly confess to not drinking any water, 51 per cent admit to a daily alcoholic beverage and 38 per cent are turning to high-sugar and less hydrating flavoured fizzy drinks each day.

Oxford is named the seventh best city in terms of consuming water – with people consuming 972ml a day.

The best, Aberystwyth, sees people drinking 1250ml a day. We fare beneath Worcester, Portsmouth, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

People living in Plymouth drink the least water – 692ml.

The 50 Shades of Yellow Hydration study, commissioned by SodaStream, was compiled with the support of Dr Dawn Harper who recommends reviewing one’s urine colour to understand your hydration levels because one generic recommendation may not be best for all.

She says several factors come into account, including your activity levels, diet and temperature.

One fifth of British adults (20 per cent) have been advised by doctors to increase their personal water intake for health and hydration reasons. However, a quarter of us don’t follow medical recommendations.

Over a third of adults (36 per cent) blame lack of time for not consuming more water, with findings suggesting women take hydration more seriously as nearly one third (28 per cent) drink 2000ml or more a day, compared to just nine per cent of men.