A MODERN art exhibition in Oxford will give visitors the opportunity to see Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ like they’ve never seen them before.

The piece, Bureau de Change, makes a wry comment about the value of art by recreating the famous piece in loose change.

Made by the late Rose Finn-Kelcey, it is made up of 2,400 coins which amount to about £1,000.

The piece, and others by Ms Finn-Kelcey, will go on display today at Modern Art Oxford in Pembroke Street in an exhibition called Life, Belief and Beyond.

It is the first posthumous exhibition of works by Ms Finn-Kelcey following her death in 2014 and focusses on her explorations of power, performance, political commentary, and perceptions of the self, belief and spirituality. It will run until October 15.