A BIRD’S eye view captures the progress of a road residents spent 20-years campaigning for.

Contractors of the £11.8m road Harwell Link Road GallifordTry took the snaps to keep residents up to date with all the latest progress.

Traffic is now running on the south side of the A417 roundabout and drainage items remains one of the current priorities.

The vehicle restraint systems have been installed and the kerbstones and footpaths are now complete.

More than 100,000 tonnes of stone have been delivered to the site to line the road.

The final layer of tarmac, known as the ‘wearing course’, will be laid in September and the contractors are just waiting on the street lights to be delivered.

Wall construction is well under way on the north side of the B4493 roundabout and on the other side drainage installation and service duct installing is in progress.

Traffic lights will remain on the A417 while all the final items are completed and the lights on the B4493 will be removed next week.

For more progress updates visit: news.oxfordshire.gov.uk