AN EDUCATIONAL project that has introduced hundreds of people to African studies has a permanent base – eight years after it opened.

African School was set up in 2009 by Donnington youth worker Natty Mark Samuels to bring black and Afro-Caribbean history to a wider audience in Oxford.

For the first time it now has its own base of operations in Blackbird Leys Community Centre where its founder hopes it will continue to thrive.

Mr Samuels said: "We needed a permanent place. I've been moving here and there so when this came up I took it without hesitation.

"As part of the school we provide a lending service so if people want to find out about black history and culture they can come and borrow books."

As part of the African School initiative Mr Samuels has taught classes in London, Warwick and Manchester as well as across Oxford.

Current and upcoming courses are being run the Clockhouse in Greater Leys, the Museum of Oxford and Oxfordshire Association for the Blind.

For more information on lessons or learning resources email