Headington residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting a proposed neighbourhood plan after going to the polls yesterday for a historic referendum.

The plan, which sets out future development in the area, won 86 per cent of the vote as more than 4,000 people had their say. 

There 3,310 'Yes' votes, 543 for 'No' and 322 papers were blank or spoilt.

It is the first neighbourhood plan to be passed in Oxford.

Headington Neighbourhood Plan chairman Mike Ratcliffe said he was 'pleased' with the result and called it a 'strong endorsement' of the plan.

He said: "Hundreds of people contributed to the plan's development, and its great that thousands of people have endorsed it.  

"We have had great support from the City Council and national agencies, but it has been a stalwart group of volunteers that has steered it to this point.

"The plan will be finally approved by the City in July - in the meantime we have a long list of community actions and policies we want to get on with, and we're looking to the Headington community to help shape that."

Headington councillor Ruth Wilkinson added: "The referendum result is great news for Headington.

"Many more people voted than I expected. The future is positive for the area as there are many ideas coming forward for community projects.

"Credit is due to the Headington Neighbourhood Forum for their work on this over the last four and a half years.

"Now the hard work starts to get those projects off the ground and we'll be looking for volunteers across the area to get stuck in."

In total, 11 polling stations were open in the area between 7am and 10pm yesterday.

The document - which contains guidelines to be considered with regards to future planning applications will now be used by Oxford City Council.

Among the proposals put forward in the wide ranging document is the protection of allotment space, the creation of a Headington Business Association and an increase in green spaces.

The plan sets out local development for the area up to 2032 and includes areas ear-marked for new houses, shops and offices. It also outlines the design and look of new buildings in various areas.