Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, but he's never won it. 

But the ODEON Awards report reveals 41 per cent of Oxford film lovers want Leo to win the prize this year, even over British favourite Eddie Redmayne.

The report analyses a decade of Best Actor wins and shows the odds are statistically in his favour given the winner is is typically in his 40s, has acted for 23 years and has 32 films under his belt.

Leo is 41, has acted for 25 years and starred in 37 films. 

The actor's starring role in The Revenant is proving popular all over the country, with the ODEON Leicester Square changing it's name to LEODEON in support. 

The study also showed that 14 per cent of Oxford residents would want to thank their pet in their acceptance speech and would prefer to thank their colleagues than their friends.