COUNCILLORS from Labour and the Green Party have hit out at proposals to close the county’s children’s centres.

Oxfordshire County Council is consulting on the plans, which could see the 44 centres replaced with eight family and resource centres.

It is part of a plan to save up to £52.5m in the coming years.

But at a meeting of Cherwell District Council on Monday Labour councillors submitted a motion which described the proposals as “ideologically motivated” and “an attack on public services”.

The motion was amended by the Conservative Party, with the amendment saying the council should take advice from its officers before making a “knee-jerk reaction.”

County council Green Party leader David Williams also attacked the cuts, which he said were a “false economy.”

He said: “There can be little doubt that the impact on families in need of help from the centres will in all probability result in greater financial pressures on the social services and the local NHS.

“Individuals, mostly women, will be forced to give up part-time employment, as a result of the planned closures.”

But county council cabinet member for education Melinda Tilley said the council was making the savings in order to protect the most vulnerable.

She said: “We are faced with difficult decisions wherever we turn.

“We have a legal and moral duty to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

“Unfortunately we need to save money from other council services to fund those vital services for really vulnerable people such as children at risk of abuse and neglect and adults who need help with washing, dressing, eating and other personal care.”