THE Prime Minister says he firmly believes Oxfordshire’s children’s centres should remain open.

So why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is?

I almost feel sorry for Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Tory leader of the County Council, as he tries to square the circle of no money and pleasing the PM.

Of course Rose Hill and Grandpont Children’s Centres, Donnington Doorstep Family Centre and all the rest should remain open.

Bringing up children is hugely difficult and we all need support in that task.

Children’s centres help parents do that job and give their off-spring a sure start for the future.

The open access ‘stay-and-play’ sessions are crucial to identifying issues like post-natal depression, problems with breast feeding and domestic violence. Especially in areas of greatest deprivation, in Oxford, Banbury and elsewhere, children’s chances in school can be greatly improved.

But the county council is struggling with a huge wave of cuts from the last coalition government.

Another tsunami of cutbacks is expected any day from the new Tory government.

So if Mr Cameron really wants to save the centres he should provide the £8 million a year they need.

Money spent now on children’s centres will save the taxpayer millions by preventing problems in the future.

That’s why we have to find the cash to save Oxfordshire’s children’s centres. Come on David Cameron, put the cheque in the post today to Cllr Hudspeth and turn your belief into reality.

Cllr JOHN TANNER (Labour)
City Councillor for Littlemore & County Councillor for Isis, Sunningwell Road, Oxford