VILLAGERS have voted in favour of a new Neighbourhood Plan for Hook Norton.

The polls open yesterday morning and 584 residents voted on the proposed plans which sets out to offer guidance for future developments around the village until 2031.

Cherwell District Council revealed last night that a staggering 97.2 per cent of villagers who voted did so in favour of the plan, which was drafted by people living in Hook Norton.

In a tweet it said: "Hook Norton Neighbourhood Plan referendum results; Number cast in favour of YES- 568, Number cast in favour of NO- 16, Overall Turnout- 34.8 per cent."

Earlier this year independent examiner Richard High from the Neighbourhood Planning Independent Examiner Referral Service announced the neighbourhood plan should be decided by referendum.

The plan's aim is to preserve the village’s character, keep existing employment and help people on low incomes by providing affordable housing.

The vote was to determine whether the proposed plan will be endorsed and used by Cherwell District Council to guide future planning applications within the Hook Norton area.