THIRTEEN skips are to be put out in Barton today to get residents to tidy up messy gardens.

Barton’s biggest clean-up since 2012 – dubbed a rubbish “amnesty” – has been organised by Oxford City Council and housing association Green Square.

It comes after people living in the area claimed furniture abandoned outside was risking the reputation of the neighbourhood.

Rachael Peace, of Stowford Road, said fly-tipping and untidy front gardens could bring an area down.

The 36-year-old said: “It makes people think badly of an area and it gives the wrong impression.

“It is also depressing for people who live here. Barton is quite a nice place.”

Henry Taunt Close resident Linda Hill, 53, welcomed the tidy-up. She said: “It will cut down on fly-tipping.

“A lot of people get rid of an unwanted fridge in their front garden or somewhere they think no-one else will notice it.

“It is just laziness. It doesn’t take two minutes to pick up the phone and contact the council.”

The 10-yard skips and a cage tipper van will be in place between 11am and 1.30pm and residents are urged to bring along unwanted items and bulky rubbish.

A recycling truck will also be touring the estate to take away waste including scrap metal, mattresses, washing machines and fridge freezers.

It is the biggest clean-up on the estate since six skips were placed there in September 2012 as part of a similar drive.

Dennis Shelton, another Barton resident, said: “This is a great idea as it is an opportunity for residents to clean up gardens and garages and keep Barton looking neat and tidy.

“It is a lovely place to live and I am thankful that the council are helping us take pride in our area.”

Mike Rowley, city council member for Barton and Sandhills, said he pressed for the clean-up.

He said: “There is a bit of a problem with messy front gardens in Barton. And having a bit of an amnesty in this way is very useful.

“We are putting skips in prominent positions in Barton.”

Simon Warde, the city council’s tenant involvement manager, said after the event the council could look to do it elsewhere in the city.

He said: “There are a lot of people who are unable to get items to recycling and it is helping people get rid of stuff they have not been able to.

“It is also tidying up an area and then giving people a sense of pride in the area they live.”

Workshops will also be running in Bernwood Road to show residents how to give furniture a second lease of life.

John Tanner, board member for Cleaner, Greener Oxford, said: “This skip scheme was a great success in Barton two years ago and local residents have asked if the council would do it again. We are pleased to help.

“But I’d remind people that shops are obliged to take away your old fridge, cooker or whatever when you get a new one. The council will also take away bulky items at any time of year if you ring us on 01865 249811.”