OFTEN in the pages of the Oxford Mail we get to tell you some amazing stories – sometimes they tell of family tragedy and heartbreak.

They can also be tales of courage and determination. And sometimes they can bring a real smile to faces.

A case in point is the heart-warming update on Samantha Goddard, pictured today cradling her newborn son she calls her ‘miracle baby’.

It’s hard to imagine that just over four years ago, this determined young lady from Bicester was at death’s door and fighting for her life.

It was at the time of the swine flu outbreak when people were being prescribed Tamiflu. Miss Goddard had taken the drug but suffered an extreme reaction which left her in a coma for 12 days, covered in blisters and blind.

During her recovery doctors told her she’d never be able to have children.

She’s proved them wrong, safely delivered baby Vinnie into the world and is clearly loving being a mum. Good luck to her.