A CONCERT featuring a Queen tribute act will raise funds for a charity which highlights Aids awareness in Africa through the medium of cricket.

The gig, featuring Rhapsody, will take place at the Regal Centre, off Market Place, Wallingford, at 8pm on Saturday, August 23.

The event is being organised to raise funds to send two people to Africa on a project being run by Cricket Without Boundaries. The charity was established in April 2005 by founder-trustees Andy Hobbs, Chris Kangis and Ed Williams.

Mr Hobbs and Mr Williams are former members of Warborough and Shillingford Cricket Club and the club will also benefit from the concert.

Concert organiser Colin Mercer, who is president of Warborough and Shillingford Cricket Club, said: “The concert could net £2,500 to £3,000, which will help to fund a journey to one of the countries for me and my wife Hilary in Spring 2015. It’s a two-week project during which we will work with young children on their cricket skills and on their life skills. One of the subjects we will be talking to young people about is Aids awareness.”

For further information, visit rhapsodywallingford.ticketsource.co.uk