PLANS that would see cars parked on the pavement in Witney could be scrapped after residents described them as “dangerous”.

Oxfordshire County Council had proposed creating new parking spaces in Corn Street allowing drivers to park their cars halfway on pavements.

But after officers received 11 objections from residents they have now said in a report to councillors that cars should only park on the road.

Corn Street resident Sandy Slack, 70, who uses a wheelchair, was one of those against the changes, saying it could lead to accidents for pedestrians.

She said: “The principle of starting to encroach onto pavements is a dangerous one.

“Corn Street in particular is a very busy street with children, elderly and disabled people using the footpaths.

“There’s a whole mixture of activity and watching a car climb onto half a pavement freaks me out.

“We teach children that the kerb is a safe place to be so, even though there will be markings, how are these kids going to anticipate that a car can just drive up on to a pavement?

“I wouldn’t want it done in any road in Witney because pavements are for people and I’d hate to see a precedent set.”

The plans were also opposed by some councillors, including Witney central county councillor Laura Price.

She said: “When you’re walking as an individual, with children or in a wheelchair, it’s not particularly pleasant to think that a car can just wrap itself up on the pavement.

“I spoke to officers about it who said it’s already used in Oxford and people can be fined if they don’t park correctly.

“But enforcement would be an issue because we already have issues with traffic enforcement in Witney.”

Under initial plans, vehicles would have been allowed to partially park on the pavement in an 80m marked stretch on the north side of Corn Street, near the Corn Bar junction.

On the opposite side of the road there would have been a mix of unlimited parking and an 11m length of two-hour parking.

But the council has now put forward a different scheme, in which cars parking on the north side of the street would have to remain on the road and the ‘no waiting’ restrictions would continue directly opposite.

The proposals will be considered by environment cabinet member David Nimmo Smith on Thursday.