WHILE the cinemas are laden with films filled with computer-generated effects, developers are using CGI to allow us to see the world they are planning.

The latest to use this tool are the team behind the Westgate Shopping Centre redevelopment.

After much waiting, we can now finally see what the proposed scheme will look like and how it might fit into the current landscape.

Now the public get to have their say on the images as part of a consultation.

We will wait and see if the plans, inspired by the city’s famous college buildings, are favoured by the people.

But whatever your opinion, it is vital it is given so the new shopping centre reflects the desires of those who will use it each week.

Given the long history in redeveloping the Westgate, one hopes the consultation marks the final leg in the journey.

It is hoped there will be no more delays and the new facility will be constructed on time.

If so, it could rejuvenate the city and further add to Oxford’s wide appeal to visitors.

If not, those CGI images could feel more like the special effects on the big screen – impressive but ultimately fictional.