PARISH councils can be viewed as parochial at best, concerned with grass verges and noticeboards while the bigger local authorities tackle multi-million-pound budgets.

But those in the county hall could take note of the frugal activities of Marston Parish Council.

The temptation for councils to spend money here, there and everywhere in a bid to appease voters is clearly strong.

But they have eschewed this in favour of scrimping and saving.

Not for them a costly web designer creating an all-singing and dancing website at a cost of thousands.

Not when one of the councillors can do it at home themselves.

They are not afraid of doing the dirty work too.

How many other councillors would roll up their sleeves and carry out maintenance work in a cemetery to keep the budget down.

Over the past decade Marston has saved nearly £200,000.

If Oxford City Council or Oxfordshire County Council were able to save at the same rate, there would be millions of pounds in the reserves.

And think of what that could pay for. Residents could even see a council tax reduction.

It shows a little really does go a long way. Let’s hope these parish councillors can inspire our other elected representatives to scrimp a little more like the rest of us.