RESIDENTS living on Didcot’s Great Western Park estate want to create their own parish council.

Residents’ association chairman John Boden, who is leading the plan, says he wants the estate to be “the jewel in Didcot’s crown”.

The association has now delivered a petition, signed by more than 360 residents, to South Oxfordshire District Council.

More than 3,300 homes are planned for the estate between the A4130 and Wantage Road and 600 homes are already occupied.

Retired RAF technician Mr Boden, 68, who lives in Kingfisher Drive with wife Margaret, said: “We want to make a place with a real community and a safe environment to bring up children.

“As a residents’ association we have absolutely no power. As a parish council we would have legal authority.”

Town councillor Neville Harris said: “If successful the petition would make the first level of local governance more accessible to residents.

“It would dramatically increase their input into creating and maintaining a cohesive and well ordered community.”

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