Thousands of people got together this afternoon for Oxford's Cowley Road Carnival.

More than 35,000 revellers are expected to gather to see the procession and live music acts, with the road closed off to traffic.

Funding of about £100,000 has been raised by Cowley Road Works to stage the event.

Among those enjoying the fun already are Clare Idle, from Cricket Road, Cowley, and her boys Harvey, nine, and Oscar, 12.

Harvey said: "We're here to have fun. Last year I made a hat and a musical instrument."

Oxford Faces is this year's carnival theme to celebrate the city's diversity and fictional faces from Alice iin Wonderland are featuring in the parade, following yesterday's Alice's Day celebrations.

Jonny Vickers, 18, Otto Wolf, 18, Robin-Christensen-Marriott, 18, from the band Balloon Ascents, are playing in front of the City Arms at 2.15pm.

Robin said: "We've been coming here our whole lives - the food is great and there's loads of cool people here.

"You get to try a lot of new things you wouldn't otherwise."

Helen Jacobs, 35, Zoe Gray, 25, and Tom Breach, 18, from the Culturevators project organised by Fusion Arts, made model polar bear masks inspired by Philip Pullman's Northern Lights novel.

All ready for this afternoon's parade, Mrs Jacobs said: "We wouldn't miss this for the world."Oxford Mail:

Lots of groups have been getting ready for the parade, including members of the TOCTOK community arts project.Oxford Mail:

The carnival would not have been able to take place without the hard work of volunteers who have been working right up until the last minute to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Oxford Mail:

Youngsters from St Francis Primary School in Cowley have enjoyed getting ready for the parade.

Oxford Mail:

And members of the Horns of Plenty band are so keen to get started they have set off early.

Oxford Mail:

The Cowley Road was packed with supporters as the procession came past.

Oxford Mail:

Some people got a bird's eye view by standing on the roof to enjoy the celebrations.

Oxford Mail:

Katie Prior and Shaun Thomas, from Witney, brought their one-year-old son Felix to his first Cowley Road Carnival.

Miss Prior, 23, said: "I've been meaning to come for years.

"It's been a bit intimidating trying to get round with a buggy but we've had a lot of fun."

Oxford Mail:

Businesses along the Cowley Road have been enjoying serving extra customers.

Al-Amin butchers and grocers manager Nazim Uddin and his assistant Samad Ali have been making a killing selling this tropical jack fruit, which tastes like a cross between mango and pineapple.

Mr Uddin, 31, said: "It's been fantastic - a great day.

"The carnival brings everyone together. Oxford is a multicultural city anyway, but this shows off different culture, different vibes, different music - things you wouldn't normally see."

Oxford Mail: