A JURY in Oxford Crown Court has heard the results of a post mortem examination of Jayden Parkinson's body.

This morning forensic pathologist Dr Alexander Kolar gave evidence that bruises found on the 17-year-old's face and head could have been caused by punches before she died.

He also said that the teenager's cause of death was "consistent with pressure to the neck".

Ben Blakeley admits manslaughter but denies murdering Jayden on December 3 last year after she told him she was pregnant with his child.

He and a 17-year-old, who cannot be named, both admit perverting the course of justice by moving and burying Jayden's body, which was discovered in an existing grave in a cemetery next to All Saint's Church, Dicot, on December 18.

The 17-year-old denies one count of preventing a lawful burial.

Questioning Dr Kolar, prosecutor Richard Latham asked if the injuries caused to Jayden's neck could have been caused by someone applying "gentle force".

The witness answered: "Gentle force would not be expected to cause this combination of injuries."

He was also asked if there was any evidence of a weapon being used to cause the bruises on Jayden's face and head.

Dr Kolar said: "The was no evidence of an implement being used, and certainly no evidence of an implement with a sharp edge.

"Certainly kicks and punches could easily have caused those injuries."

The trial continues.