FOR most of us, hearing that our property is worth £16m would have us jumping for joy.

But the news will be no consolation for the sisters at St Mary’s Convent in Wantage.

Once built for 150 nuns, there are now only 20 women living there – and they must sell up to find a smaller home.

That these nuns are on the run after 166 years in our county is a sad thing, especially after their role in setting up St Mary’s School.

The convent is also understood to be one of the oldest traditional religious communities in the Church of England.

It may be a simple sign of the times that they are struggling for new recruits, but we must ensure that such history in our towns and villages does not go unremembered or unacknowledged.

It is hoped that whoever goes on to buy the historic building bears this in mind, and treats it with the dignity it deserves.