THERE is, frankly, never quite enough blood donated for much of the year. The NHS Blood and Transplant Service is usually asking for people to take the time to donate, especially now when busy holiday schedules mean that the ‘army’ of donors may miss a scheduled session.

This year they are asking for young people to roll up their sleeves and give a little.

There are about 21,000 donors in the county and, unsurprisingly it must be said, just 755 are teenagers.

Like so many things, it is just not something they think about. It is not their fault, it is just not a factor in their lives.

But NHS Blood and Transplant is right to push to try to change that and we support them in that endeavour.

The message needs to be understood that the blood given is crucial because it does save lives. And, if you want to get all karma about it, by donating you are actually keeping stocks topped up for that fateful day when you yourself might need it.

Like so many things, getting the youngsters on board is not just a boost today but an ongoing boost for years to come.

Breed the habit into them now by encouraging them to donate and the chances are a significant number will be lifelong volunteers.

So, if you’re wavering on going along and rolling up your sleeve, just go and do it once.

It’s not a major event and if we all give a little then hopefully there will be a lot just in case you need it one day.

Details on how to donate are on the bottom of our story on page five.