IT IS desperate times for the Blackbird Leys Choir. Rather than singing hallelujah, it is more likely to be delivering a dirge as it finds its numbers dwindling.

It will be a sorry affair if this wonderful group has to disband.

It has a great reputation, having been part of the Singing Estate television show and members even performing in front of the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

With this and other TV shows such as The Choir and Glee raising the profile of singing, there must be plenty of people out there with a song in their heart.

Singing has reportedly been proven to improve you mental health.

Experts have claimed that joining a choir could improve symptoms of Parkinson’s, depression and even lung disease.

It is a great way to meet other people in the area and is a wonderful social exercise.

People need to find just two hours a week to help prevent this choir from being silenced.

As with most activities, those who give it a try might just fall in love with it.

And The Leys will be alive with the sound of music again.

So make a song and dance about the choir and let us help them to keep hitting the high notes.