AN awareness day to help combat courier fraud in Oxford will take place this week.

Thames Valley Police are urging people to attend tomorrow’s event to highlight crime prevention methods and approaches taken by fraudsters in the area.

Officers hope the day will be useful for elderly residents, who are often targeted by fraud scams.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Bird, of Oxford Local Police Area, said: “We know victims targeted are generally vulnerable financially and therefore want to provide information on crime prevention and early reporting which will hopefully reduce the chances of them becoming a victim.”

“I would encourage everyone to attend, especially if you have an elderly relative, neighbour or friend. There will be opportunities to ask the officers questions you may have to do with this scam.”

Police officers and crime reduction advisers will be at Cowley’s Templar Shopping Centre from 9am to 4pm.

Fraud scams often involve victims receiving telephone calls from someone claiming to be a police officer or bank official. Telephone lines are kept open when victims contact their banks or the police, enabling fraudsters to gain secure information. Couriers then collect bank cards or cash from the victim’s address.