FIREFIGHTERS had to rescue a four-year-old boy from a 30-foot high roof on in Wood Farm.

Young George Groves climbed onto the roof of his home after he became stuck in a bathroom on the top floor.

When he was unable to open the bathroom door, or be heard by his family two floors below, he climbed on top of the toilet and through the open window onto the roof.

A passer-by noticed him sat on the plastic guttering and called firefighters at 1.39pm on Wednesday, but the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has only just released the information.

The crew from Slade Park fire station found George sat in the plastic guttering, which they say was “flexible and weak” and “could have given way at any time,” and rescued him using a 13.5 metre ladder.

The passer-by is being sought so the family can thank him properly, as he left the scene shortly after the rescue.