MORE than 20 classic Minis came together outside a cafe near Berinsfield to celebrate the first anniversary of their regular meetings.

Raymond Smith, who owns a 1972 Cabriolet Mini, began organising the gatherings at the H Cafe, off the A4074, in May last year for fellow enthusiasts.

He said he wanted to create an Oxfordshire version of the Ace Cafe in London, which is renowned as a meeting place for classic vehicles.

Drivers showed each other their vehicles at the meeting on Thursday and formed a line of Minis.

Staff at the cafe made a cake in the shape of a Mini and a driver made a dessert with the cafe’s logo on it.

Mr Smith, 72, said: “They are all interested in each other’s Minis and all the cars are different.

“They’ve got their own personalities and all the guys want to know what you’ve got under the bonnet and whether it’s been modified. It’s a gathering of like-minded people and it can look quite spectacular.”

Tommy Gaut, 17, drove his 1989 Mini City E with his dad Mike from his home in Reading the day after passing his driving test.

He said: “I’ve been down there a few times but it was the first time I drove that kind of distance myself. It was really fun.”