A WOMAN was injured after a motorhome went out of control and crashed into a menswear shop in Banbury High Street yesterday.

Staff at Henry’s spoke of their shock after the Peugeot van smashed into their shopfront at about 10.45am.

David Rutland, a manager at the store, said: “I was in the shop about 15ft away when I heard a loud bang and saw the front window completely caved in with the van wedged underneath.

“Luckily, the van missed a main supporting pillar otherwise it could have brought the building down. The trousers and jackets in the window have all been damaged and we don’t know yet how much the repairs will cost.

“The shop front can be replaced – we hope the woman has not been seriously hurt.”

Police spokeswoman Hannah Williams said the woman was injured after the van mounted the pavement.

She added: “The woman was treated for minor injuries by paramedics.”

Ms Williams said the High Street was closed while the accident was being investigated, but that no one had been arrested.