PLANS have been submitted to extend Duns Tew quarry to extract about 415,000 tonnes of sand over the next 17 years.

Smiths & Sons (Bletchingdon) says it wants to extend the quarry, at Horsehay Farm, Duns Tew Road, Middle Barton, to the north and east, and eventually the land will be restored to a mix of woodland and nature. conservation. Some villagers have raised concerns the expansion would encroach on the village and cause increased levels of dust, noise and traffic.

Helen Hammond said: “The proposed expansion is on an industrial scale and has serious implications for our quiet, picturesque village. This will move their site closer to the village and eventually a mere 13 metres from the boundary of a resident’s wildlife garden.”

Duns Tew Parish Council met to discuss the plans last week.

Chairman Charles McBean said: “We have been in detailed consultation with Smiths over the last year and the few concerns that have been raised by residents appear to have been addressed satisfactorily in the planning application. The non-technical summary, which is a mandatory part of any application involving an environmental impact assessment will be distributed to all residents and we will reflect their views when we respond to the application.

The application will be decided by Oxfordshire County Council.