VISITORS moved to the rhythm of African drums at the launch of a new Fairtrade market yesterday.

Francis Boua, the manager of the market, said he set it up at East Oxford Community Centre to mark 10 years of Fairtrade in Oxford.

The market is set to run at the Princes Street centre each Wednesday between 10am and 4pm.

It also offers free African drumming workshops.

There are craft stalls of recycled and upcyled materials, handmade bags, clothes, and jewellery made by local women who come from across the world.

Food, cooked by local chefs, is on sale and the market will fundraise for local charities.

Mr Boua said: “The Fairtrade market aims to give the opportunity to local people to develop their business ideas, raise money for charities and tackle loneliness. Fairtrade is about creating and sharing value between businesses, traders, charities and people in order to develop a sustainable economy within the community.

“Fairtrade is a culture of exchange and innovation which opens new ways of living.”