THE Bible teaches us to love thy neighbour, but it is a message that does not seem to be getting through to Oxford University.

Thousands of Christians will be left disappointed that their annual Love Oxford event has been cancelled after worries from the university it clashes with exam time.

Of course the welfare of students, who pay a hefty price each term for their studies, needs to be respected and they need to be given the best chance possible to succeed.

But it is sad a compromise could not have been reached between the two parties.

The event in question is not an all-night rave or a large-scale music festival.

It is a celebration with hymns, prayer and gospel music.

Perhaps those behind the event could have been persuaded to ensure noise was kept to a suitable level.

Some might say a divisiveness is being created between the university and the residents of the city.

Past events have also been sidelined due to various objections.

And ultimately it is the city that loses out while these type of disagreements exist. Thousands of people visiting the city for these events brings extra money into the economy.

Love Oxford will now have to wait, and perhaps say a prayer, to see if its 2015 event can go ahead. In the meantime, they should be able to forgive the council for its decision, another key lesson from the Bible.