A FUN day in Abingdon to raise money to provide a special bike for a three-year-old girl proved a runaway success.

Rose Lamb has cerebral palsy, and parents Vicky and Andrew had been aiming to raise £3,500 for a specially adapted tricycle to allow her to ride a bike independently for the first time, and to pay for physiotherapy sessions and future costs such as a wheelchair.

But the day is expected to have raised more than £2,500, with the Didcot Thong Rangers donating another £1,400.

Mrs Lamb organised the day, in the Market Place on Saturday, with the help of friends Lydia Coppola and Rebecca Putt.

Mrs Lamb, 35, said: “I was very emotional by the end of the day, I could not stop crying. The generosity of people is amazing.

“It was a lovely, sunny day and it must have been good for Abingdon as well because it was heaving.

“By the end we were all exhausted.”

As reported in the Oxford Mail, Rose is one of six sextuplets Mrs Lamb gave birth to in 2010, each weighing less than two pounds.

One child, Matthew, who suffered bleeding on the brain, died at just two weeks old and the smallest baby, Pippa, who weighed one pound five ounces, died at seven weeks.

Layla, Eric, Ellen and Rose, now all aged three, survived.