TODAY we unveil images of what the new £400m Westgate Centre in Oxford could look like.

Its design is rather unusual with a curved facade and what architects are describing as a lantern on top of the roof.

For the first time we can see the true scale of the centre – it will encompass a huge area taking out the multi-storey and Abbey Place car parks.

Instead, parking will be underground in the modern shopping centre.

The views from Bonn Square and New Road show just how much it will change and how impressive it will be, altering the look of the centre completely.

It will, hopefully, complement the dreaming spires as well as bringing the city into the 21st century.

Of course there will still be those who object to the development, not agreeing with the design or the impact it will have on transport in the city.

But the investment for Oxford, and all the new jobs it will bring, can only be a good thing. It will be a huge boost to the economy, attracting even more tourists.

Most agree that it’s about time something was done with the tired shopping centre. It has served its purpose, but is now looking dated. Fesh thinking is very welcome.

Now it’s time for the people to have their say on what they think of the vision.

So we hope the public turn out in force to give their views on the designs. It’s their chance to help shape the future of our city and make sure it’s one we are proud of for years to come.