OXFORDSHIRE County Council has been urged to make its plans for the Wolvercote roundabout clearer.

Local county councillor Jean Fooks has raised concerns about the possibility of two exits at the roundabout being closed off as part of the Northern Gateway business park development.

It comes after the county council approved a package of schemes in the Wolvercote area earlier this week to mitigate the impact of the development which will go on 100 acres of land north of the roundabout.

Ms Fooks, a county councillor for Summertown and Wolvercote, said: “There is an awful lot of traffic that uses the Godstow Road which is local and needs to get out of Wolvercote.

“The only other option is sending it along Mere Road and First Turn but the junction with Woodstock Road is not an easy one and sending it down a residential road and past a primary school doesn’t seem ideal.

“I do agree we have got a problem at the Wolvercote roundabout but we need the full information about what the council is planning to give people and allow them to comment on them.”

Oxford City Council is planning to create a science and business park on the Northern Gateway site between Wolvercote and the A34 – along with around 200 homes.

But both the county council and the city council have agreed that the development cannot go ahead without substantial transport improvements in the area because of congestion on the A40 and the Wolvercote roundabout.

The county council has proposed a package of schemes – financed by the City Deal, which was signed by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in February – including a new link road between the A40 and the A44.

This includes the “reconfiguration” of the Wolvercote roundabout, which could also include traffic lights as well as changes to the nearby Cutteslowe roundabout.

County council spokesman Martin Crabtree said: “The county council is currently considering all options to improve congestion at Wolvercote and Cutteslowe roundabouts.

“The options that went to the cabinet are therefore among those that are currently being considered but are not definite proposals at this stage.

“Further work is required, including consultation with local residents and other stakeholders, before any preferred options are put forward.”