IT’S a perfect fit as the finishing touches are put to the solar panels installed on the roof of an Oxford school.

Workmen have been on the roof of St Barnabas’ Primary School in Jericho to install 110 of the panels.

The scheme has been funded by community group Oxford North Community Renewables, which raised £97,000 from investors, who have given their money in exchange for a future return. This money will also be used to put 149 solar panels on the roof of The Cherwell School this summer.

Joe Gabriel, head of major projects at Joju Solar, which installed the panels said: “It is all done, the scaffolding is coming down and the panels are already generating electricity.”

The two schemes at St Barnabas and Cherwell will generate around 53,000kw hours of electricity per year, enough to power an average primary school for six months or 15 households for a year.

Electricity generated by the scheme will be sold to the schools at a discounted rate. Any that is unused goes back to The National Grid.